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New Location Codes

This document has Shared System Members listed alphabetically by location name on the first two pages and by location code on the last two pages.  You might want to print and keep near your desk so you remember who’s who!


2020 Shared System Locations and New Location Codes

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Magazines Available through IndyPL

Visit the Download and Stream page, and select Magazines. Here is a 2020 eMagazine List.  The list is sortable so you can look for title of special interest to your teachers and send them just those titles!

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Equipment and Supplies

Info about receipt printers and printer paper and about barcode scanners are included.  Keep scrolling down.  There’s lots of info!

Receipt Paper

What to order:  Receipt printer paper:  3 1/8” x 230’, 50 rolls per carton, these rolls are BPA free.  One carton was $65.25 plus shipping, about $5 more.  Think about sharing the costs with other Shared System libraries!

Where to order: is a family-owned business in Zionsville.  Their website is  You can order online or you can call them (800-569-9849) or fax a Purchase Order to 800-406-3147.  You can also email them at

Another source:  If you want another source, let me know and I’ll try to get more info for you.

Receipt Printer:

If your receipt printer isn’t properly connected to your computer, please call the HelpDesk so they can walk you through how to do it.  You do NOT need to do a HelpRequest on SharedNet for this!  Phone # is 317-275-4900.

If you don’t have a receipt printer, and want to spend some of your library dollars to get one, here is the information.  I’m also including info on the barcode scanner so you can plan for that expense, possibly for next year.  There’s no way to predict when it will fail!

Epson TM T88V – receipt printer – B/W – thermal line
Mfg. Part: C31CA85084
Interface Required
Interface: RS-232C
Total Qty: 1
Type: USB – this connection type is important!
Connector Type: 4 pin USB Type B
Type: Hi-Speed USB
Color: Dark gray
Compliant Standards:CSA C22.2 No. 950 , FCC , ICES-003 Class A , UL 950
Microsoft Certification: Works with Windows Vista
MTBF: 360,000 hour(s)
Power Device
Form Factor: External
Type: Power adapter

System Requirements  – Min Operating System:    Apple MacOS X 10.4 , Apple MacOS X 10.5 , Apple MacOS X 10.6 , Linux , Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP , Microsoft Windows 7 , Microsoft Windows Vista

I saw a range of prices centering around $300 for the receipt printer.  More than I thought, might be worth it in the long run.  I saw them on Amazon used or refurbished for around $200.  Your call!



According to our IT Service Area, we paid about $230 each for them and about $32 each for the scanner stands.  We ordered them from PCM-G, but that company has since been taken over by Insight Public Sector.

Other similar retailers include CDW-G, IT Savvy, New Egg, and sometimes Amazon.

Note that the scanner stands do not come with the scanners!

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Adding New Material

There are several ways to add new materials.  Our cataloging department can work with you to set up a profile with your vendors so they can download Marc records for what you order directly into the IndyPL catalog.  The cost to set up the profile is $120.  Some vendors will require less time than others because we have experience with them.  I know that seems like a lot, but it takes several hours to do and usually lots of back and forth with the vendor about cataloging details.

You may also purchase books at bookstores, or receive them as gifts and decide to add them to your collection.  We have a packing list that you should use when you send items in to add to your collection.  The cost per item will vary based on whether IndyPL already owns a copy, needs to download and upate records, or must do what’s called original cataloging.

IF you are looking up items to see whether IndyPL owns a copy, you do not need to let us know that.  We marked that column optional on the packing list!  We will own most of the items you add to your collections.

The packing list is available in different formats.

IF possible, PLEASE alphabetize your list of titles before printing or before handwriting.  This makes the job on our end go so much faster, especially if you are sending in several pages of items to be added!

When you get your box of new materials back from us, you’ll receive a worksheet showing what we did to the items on your packing list.  Some of the terms are a little library jargony, so Pam Swaidner, our Manager of Cataloging, put them in plain English:

Classification/Call Number Only – IndyPL or another member library owns that title, so there is an existing record in Horizon.
Copy Cataloging
 – No member library or IndyPL owns that title so Cataloging staff download a record from elsewhere
Original Cataloging – No member library, IndyPL, or any other library in the world owns that title and Cataloging staff must create a new MARC record  for it

At the end of the month, we look at our spreadsheet of the cataloging and processing work we do for each Shared System member and send you an invoice.  The invoice will total up all the worksheets on all the boxes you’ve sent in that month.  If we do just one or two small things for you in a month – give you a new barcode, or reinstate an item, we will not bill you since it would cost more to send you a bill than what you might owe us!  It doesn’t make sense to send you to put a 45 cent stamp on a bill for 30 cents!


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IndyPL Children’s Librarians Story Time Suggestions

Click below to download the pdf.

IndyPL Children’s Librarians Story Time Suggestions

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School Library Journal on School/Public Library Partnerships

Here is an excerpt from the School Library Journal issue on partnerships published June 2018.  Note the mention of Indianapolis in the Editorial, and then enjoy the article on the following pages of the pdf.

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Research on Reading

We all know how important our work is to the students we serve, but data is hard to come by.   I’ve pulled together some data from four or five sources, annotated it, and made it available to you as a pdf of Research on reading data.  I included citations (like a good librarian) so you could go find the study yourselves!

Donalyn Miller, best known for her book The Book Whisperer  has also gathered some data sources (unannotated) which you can find on her blog As a sidebar, Donalyn lost me when she chose to focus on her classroom library rather than work with the school librarian to improve the collection for the whole school.  She could have accomplished what she did with her class while at the same time motivating other students and teachers at her school to enrich their reading instruction.  That being said, who knows what kind of librarian she had!  And imagine what she could have done with a Shared System!
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Resources for Schools Provided by the Indianapolis Jewish Community


Click here to access the list of workshops, programs, field trips and professional development activities available through the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis:
Resources for Schools Brochure


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Books as Social Justice

Janet Spaulding, Juvenile Selector for the Indianapolis Public Library, gave a keynote presentation on Books as Social Justice  at the semiannual meeting of the  Saint Mother Theodore Guerin chapter of the Catholic Library Association.  The link presented here is to a pdf of the presentation with notes.  If you need the presentation in a different format, please let me know!

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National Geographic Links and Logos

Feel free to use all or parts of these banners, and the links and explanations that follow them.

National Geographic Virtual Library [Gale Group]

Sponsor: IndyPL

Find complete issues of National Geographic from 1888 to the present. Includes a searchable collection of books, maps, images and videos.

National Geographic Virtual Library: National Geographic Kids [Gale Group]

Sponsor: IndyPL

Find National Geographic Kids Magazine for 2009 to present here. Also contains books, maps, images and videos on science, nature, culture, archaeology and space. Good for elementary and middle school students.

National Geographic Virtual Library: People, Animals and the World [Gale Group]

Sponsor: IndyPL

Contains a selection of books, images, maps, and videos on topics such as science and technology, history, environment, animals, photography, and people and cultures. Includes National Geographic Traveler Magazine from 2010 to the present.

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