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New Location Codes

This document has Shared System Members listed alphabetically by location name on the first two pages and by location code on the last two pages.  You might want to print and keep near your desk so you remember who’s who!

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Equipment and Supplies

Info about receipt printers and printer paper and about barcode scanners are included.  Keep scrolling down.  There’s lots of info! Receipt Paper What to order:  Receipt printer paper:  3 1/8” x 230’, 50 rolls per carton, these rolls are BPA free.

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Adding New Material

There are several ways to add new materials.  Our cataloging department can work with you to set up a profile with your vendors so they can download Marc records for what you order directly into the IndyPL catalog.  The cost

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Research on Reading

We all know how important our work is to the students we serve, but data is hard to come by.   I’ve pulled together some data from four or five sources, annotated it, and made it available to you as a

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Reading Levels: One Woman’s Opinion

While I originally prepared this as a presentation in 2015, my opinions remain the same!  Remember, they are opinions based on experience working with all kinds of readers.  Take what is valuable where you are and leave the rest behind!

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One Book, One Organization

Remember One Book, One City?  When the whole city read the same book?  Colleges, high schools and grade schools do that, too.  And I can’t think of a good reason not to encourage our friends in the art museums to

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Professional Reading

You might want to let teachers know about this way to stay current in their respective fields.  And it works for our field as well.  Visit our Online Databases.  Look at the alphabetical list for Professional Collection (published by Ebsco).

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Text Complexity Made Easy!

By now, you’ve heard all about the Common Core standards and how students need to read more non-fiction.  You may have even heard that librarians can now be central to the process of implementing the Common Core standards because we

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Library and AR Users

Stolen from Kristen Williams,  former school library manager at St. Joan of Arc: What do the 7 Habits Look like in the Library? #1 Be Proactive– Know your book level and be able to request your own books using the

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Cross your eyes and it will be clear!

Q:       Here is an interesting observation regarding the change with requesting materials.  I tried requesting a video/dvd for a teacher in Horizon and was told “There are no requestable items”, but then I tried in Sherloc and was

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