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National Geographic Links and Logos

Feel free to use all or parts of these banners, and the links and explanations that follow them.

National Geographic Virtual Library [Gale Group]

Sponsor: IndyPL

Find complete issues of National Geographic from 1888 to the present. Includes a searchable collection of books, maps, images and videos.

National Geographic Virtual Library: National Geographic Kids [Gale Group]

Sponsor: IndyPL

Find National Geographic Kids Magazine for 2009 to present here. Also contains books, maps, images and videos on science, nature, culture, archaeology and space. Good for elementary and middle school students.

National Geographic Virtual Library: People, Animals and the World [Gale Group]

Sponsor: IndyPL

Contains a selection of books, images, maps, and videos on topics such as science and technology, history, environment, animals, photography, and people and cultures. Includes National Geographic Traveler Magazine from 2010 to the present.

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