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Research on Reading

We all know how important our work is to the students we serve, but data is hard to come by.   I’ve pulled together some data from four or five sources, annotated it, and made it available to you as a pdf of Research on reading data.  I included citations (like a good librarian) so you could go find the study yourselves!

Donalyn Miller, best known for her book The Book Whisperer  has also gathered some data sources (unannotated) which you can find on her blog As a sidebar, Donalyn lost me when she chose to focus on her classroom library rather than work with the school librarian to improve the collection for the whole school.  She could have accomplished what she did with her class while at the same time motivating other students and teachers at her school to enrich their reading instruction.  That being said, who knows what kind of librarian she had!  And imagine what she could have done with a Shared System!
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