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Cross your eyes and it will be clear!

Q:       Here is an interesting observation regarding the change with requesting materials.  I tried requesting a video/dvd for a teacher in Horizon and was told “There are no requestable items”, but then I tried in Sherloc and was successful.  So the average patron can request items, but the Library staff are prevented?  

A – from Amy Spurrier:

If my explanation of this behavior makes your eyes cross, give me a call or come by…  Not all things are best described in email.

When you’re placing a request on the web, your only option is to place a request at the bib level, as opposed to the item level.  [The bib level is the part of the catalog record that describes the book/DVD/CD – author, title, publisher, size, ISBN and OCLC #s, that sort of thing.]  During the process of placing the request Horizon goes through multiple checks.  One of those checks is to see if there are any copies on the bib record that are ‘requestable’  As long as there is one requestable item, the request will be placed successfully.

In the Horizon client, it is slightly different.  When you’re placing a request in the Horizon client, you can  place a request at the bib level (which is where most people place  requests) or at the item level [you might also think of this as Copies or Holdings level].  If you place the request while viewing the full bib record (left) Horizon works the same way as the web – as long as there is one copy on the bib record that is requestable, the request will be placed successfully.

The confusion can arise when you’re trying to place a request from the Copies screen [also known as the Item Level].  (right).  Since you’re viewing the copies screen, Horizon assumes that you’re going to place an item level request on the first item listed.  Since the first copy listed is owned by BJE, the request can’t be placed.  Requests on the DVDS itype are not allowed by BJE.

As a rule of thumb I would recommend that, when using Horizon, requests are placed from the full bib screen, rather than the copies screen.  Unless, of course, they need to place an item level request.



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