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Library Card Procedures for New School Year

Remember, school libraries do NOT keep students’ physical library cards.  Those are sent home with the student for use after school or on the weekends.  Elementary libraries usually keep the copies in a binder of baseball card sheet protectors. Elementary libraries often include a note to the parents explaining (again) the Shared System and student/family responsibility for returning stuff in a timely manner!  High schools usually require the student to carry the card with them.  Some of you don’t mind looking it up if they don’t have it, but I sure wouldn’t want to look up each student each time someone checked out something!


New students

Gather existing cards AND MAKE COPIES.  Return original card to students.

If they are lost, replace them

If they never had one, make one

Existing students

 Make sure they are all correct

      1. Compare against class lists to see they are in right place in binder (elementary)
      2. Compare against address lists supplied by school office to make sure records are correct ***
      3. Make sure borrower type (bytpe) and Borrower statistical class (Bstat) are correct for your location ***
      4. Flag kids who need to enroll in Earn & Learn program

Add home room information (see below for instructions)

New staff

Make sure they have personal library cards

Create new room cards for them.  Keep the card – give them the number

Existing staff

Make sure they have personal library cards

Reactivate expired room cards from last spring.  Keep the card; make sure they have the number.

Teachers may check out IndyPL materials on their room cards.  We ask that they use the room card only for instructional purposes.  The loan period is five weeks, but that’s more than the usual two and seems to be a good length of time for curriculum units.

Home room field

The home room field is at the end of the borrower record.  It’s a text only field, and there are 100 codes that you can use any way you want to, IF you want to.  If you think it would be convenient at the end of the year to send out a list of overdues to homeroom teachers, use it.  IF you want to track circulation by grade level, use it!  Here is a  Shared System Home Room Codes with the list of codes.  All you have to do is decide what each code will represent at YOUR location.  Look at the examples, think about how you might use to make life easier (don’t make it harder!) and go from there.  Let me know if you want to brainstorm!

For example,

AB = Abington – 3rd

AC = Aylesworth – 2nd

AD = Barber – K


AB = PreK – Schwalbach

AC = K – Naab

AD = K – Smith

AE = 1st – Schneider


AB = Class of 2014

AC = Class of 2015

AD = Class of 2016

AE = Class of 2017

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