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Remember, most of your answers can be found in the Operations Manuals that are available as pdfs on this page on SharedNet.  Polaris information can be found there, too!

That page also has a link to the list of Circ Friends – IndyPL Staff who work primarily in circulation – and their contact information.  You may contact them when you get into a sticky circulation question (for example, trapping a hold on a damaged book by accident).

To make an item unrequestable because it is in poor condition, please fill out this form.

To request extra totes or to ask any question at all about deliveries, send me an email with the word Delivery in the subject line.  These go to me and to two people in Shipping & Receiving so we don’t miss your question!

For all other help questions, please use the Help Request Form below. It allows us to gather some data about the kinds of questions you have.  That helps us design training for next year, and has helped us anticipate some of your help questions and get you what you need before you ask for it!  Your questions are seen by more than one person so it’s a more reliable way to get a response than email!

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