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Axis 360 URLs

Site Name District Axis 360 Site URL – for checking out books
Amy Beverland LT
Anna Brochhausen IPS
Arlington MS IPS
Arlington Woods IPS
Arsenal Tech High School IPS
Belzer LT
Blue Academy Elementary DT 
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School NA
Brook Park LT
Brookside IPS
Butler Lab 55 IPS
Butler Lab 60 IPS
Carl Wilde IPS
Cathedral High School NA
Center for Inquiry 2 IPS
Center for Inquiry 27 IPS
Center for Inquiry 70 IPS
Center for Inquiry 84 IPS
Charles W Fairbanks IPS
Christian Park IPS
Clarence Farrington IPS
Covenant Christian HS NA
Crestview LT
Crispus Attucks HS IPS
Daniel Webster IPS
Decatur Central High School DT
Decatur Middle School DT 
Decatur Township School for Excellence DT 
Demo site (formerly Arlington) NA
Eleanor Skillen IPS
Ernie Pyle IPS
Fall Creek Valley LT
Floro Torrence IPS
Forest Glen LT
Francis Parker IPS
George Buck IPS
George Julian IPS
George Washington Carver IPS
George Washington HS IPS
Gold Academy Elementary DT 
Harrison Hill LT
Harshman MS IPS
Heritage Christian Elementary School NA
Heritage Christian School NA
Indian Creek LT
Indiana School for the Deaf – High School NA
Indiana School for the Deaf – K-8 NA
James A Garfield IPS
James Russell Lowell IPS
James Whitcomb Riley IPS
Jonathan Jennings IPS
Lawrence Central HS LT
Lawrence North HS LT
Lew Wallace IPS
Liberty Early Elementary DT 
Longfellow MS IPS
Louis B Russell IPS
Mary Evelyn Castle Elem School LT
Meredith Nicholson IPS
Newcomer Program IPS
Northwest MS IPS
Oaklandon LT
Oaks Academy Middle School NA
Paul I Miller IPS
Ralph Waldo Emerson IPS
Raymond F Brandes IPS
Robert Lee Frost IPS
Rousseau McClellan IPS
Shortridge High School IPS
Sidener Academy IPS
Skiles Test Elem School LT
St. Anthony Catholic School NA
St. Joan of Arc NA
Stephen Decatur Elementary DT 
Stephen Foster IPS
Sunnyside Elem School LT
Theodore Potter IPS
Valley Mills Elementary DT 
Warren Central High School WRNT
West Newton Elementary DT 
William McKinley IPS
William Penn IPS
Winding Ridge Elem School LT