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The Shared System Philosophy

A Message from Jackie Nytes, CEO, Indianapolis Public Library

The partnership that we all share has brought great benefit to the residents of our community, expanding their access to resources across the County and increasing everyone’s awareness of the wealth of information that can be tapped whether for school, recreation or work. We are committed to continuing this important program which is a shining star in the world of collaboration among libraries, schools and not for profits across the country.

Libraries and their role in all of our institutions and communities are evolving and our partners program will evolve to continue to meet the needs of the partners. We look forward to the many exciting new technologies that many of the partners are deploying and will work with you to insure that all students and visitors are able to make full use of the range of access that it takes today to be well informed.

Together we can make important progress in insuring that all have the best access possible to the resources necessary to become and remain an informed community!

From the Manager of the Shared System:

As a member of the Shared System for almost 10 years, and a former employee of the Indianapolis Public Library for another 10 years, I hope I can serve as a bridge for communication and information. I’ve worked in libraries almost all my life – since I was in fifth grade. The Cranbury (NJ) Public Library was a unique creation. The tiny town pooled its resources and built a single library that was shared during its open hours by school and townspeople alike. I grew up with the value of sharing in my bones! I look forward to sharing all of our experiences, ideas and resources in the years ahead!

Sarah Jane Batt
Manager, Shared System
Indianapolis Public Library
Library Services Center
2450 North Meridian Street
P. O. Box 211
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0211


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